Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ Why Make A Career Change ~

Over the next few posts I'm going to be looking at the subject of career change, starting with a simple list of the advantages and disadvantages to making such a big life choice. Now this isn't an all inclusive list but it will give you the general idea of the main factors to consider.

The one important thing to keep in mind though and one which is not on the list is the issue of Family. This issue is going to affect everyone differently because everyone's family is different (some like mine are very different). If you are considering a career changes make sure to talk to your family, particularly your life partner, because what changes you make will affect them.  


Lack of Stress
– One of the main reasons people change career is so that they can move into a less stressful working environment. A successful career change will help you to limit the amount of stress in your life and give you the opportunity to enjoy life more beyond work

– A comment often made by individuals who have made a successful change in career is that for the first time in their life they have been able take control of their future. For once, they are in charge of the direction they wish to head in.

Skills Upgrading
– A key element to any career change is the opportunity to learn new skills and complete new qualifications which you may never have had the chance to in your previous career

No Boss
– A career change does not necessarily mean you have to work for someone else. Many people in their 40’s and 50’s are taking the time to open their own small businesses and become their own boss.


Financial Insecurity
        The main drawback to making a career change is that in most cases you are starting from the bottom again. At times you will have to initially settle for a reduction in pay as well as any additional costs that could be incurred through retraining and skills upgrading.

        The average length of time to make a successful career change can take from six months to one year. Training courses can last anywhere from a semester to three years depending on the level of education you need to reach in order to make a successful transition.

        No matter how much time, planning and research you put into your career change, with today’s Labour Market and the number of job seekers presently competing for jobs there will always be an amount of uncertainty of whether or not you will secure the career of your dreams in the time you have allotted yourself.

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