Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Brief Look at 2011

Another year is almost over and we come to that time of year where everybody looks at what the accomplished (or failed to) in 2011 and what new goals or resolutions they want to make for 2012. For myself, 2011 was an incredibly busy year; work has shown again and again just how popular the Second Career program is within Niagara Region as was seen by the popularity of my advice post on the whole process (here).

In addition to dealing with Second Career applications and providing job search advice to clients, I have also been assisting people in utilizing different Social Media platforms for their job search as well as developing a workshop on the subject. I have also been working on my Sociology degree, which has left me with less time for blogging than I would have preferred but has still been a challenging and engaging experience so far.

Over the past year I’ve looked at a number of different topics related to job search and career development and in the New Year I hope to continue updating this blog with useful and relevant advice on a monthly basis.

Finally for those who are either still looking or that intend to start looking for work in the New Year allow me to point you in the direction of a posting from last year entitled Revitalizing Your Job Search for the New Year. The dates may have changed but the principles contained within are still the same and can be used throughout the year.

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